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This enchanting Tinker Bell dangle charm is superbly crafted from shiny sterling silver and framed b..

$55.00USD $27.50USD

Be inspired by the timeless love story of Minnie and Mickey with this two-sided dangle, symbolizing ..

$46.00USD $23.00USD

The iconic Mickey Mouse ears headband is a must-have souvenir from Disney resorts & theme parks...

$50.00USD $25.00USD

Black ears, red pants and shiny silver buttons — the essential elements of Mickey Mouse are captured..

$40.00USD $20.00USD

Versatile and delicate in design, this shimmering dangle will add sparkle to your outfit in an under..

$50.00USD $25.00USD

With an added touch of glamour, thanks to the shimmering bow, this cute and feminine Minnie Mouse ea..

$50.00USD $25.00USD

This adorable sterling silver charm perfectly captures Piglet from Winnie-the-Pooh holding his belov..

$60.00USD $30.00USD

With its purple bodice and wide magenta skirt, this delightful dangle in .925 sterling silver pretti..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

With its blue bodice, puffy sleeves and wide yellow skirt, illuminated with hand applied enamel, thi..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

Tinker Bell's signature green dress and elegant wings are captured on this wonderfully detailed ster..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

Tinker Bell's pretty little shoe is expertly crafted in sterling silver - and sure to make you belie..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

Paris is the city of love. Cherish the memories you shared in this beautiful city with the Eiffel To..

$45.00USD $22.50USD

This exquisite dangle charm consists of 14K gold and sparkling cubic zirconia stones in a pretty flo..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

A beautiful representation of how families are connected through many generations, PANDORA's lovely ..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

This vintage-style two-tone locket features a magnificent family tree in precious 14K gold and the e..

$75.00USD $32.50USD

A sweet gift for a cherished family member, this exquisite sterling silver exquisite dangle features..

$75.00USD $37.50USD

As well as wearing jewelry close to your heart, you can also wear your heart around your wrist with ..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

This pretty sterling silver dangle has a romantic design inspired by a floral lace pattern. Equally ..

$35.00USD $17.50USD
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