This exquisite sterling silver dangle design is inspired by the beauty of snowflakes and ice crystal..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

Nothing less than stunning, this beautifully crafted sterling silver charm sparkles with festive che..

$75.00USD $37.50USD

Sleek and with a defined expression, this delightful cat design encapsulates everything we love abou..

$35.00USD $17.50USD

Adorned with a chic bow, this pretty sterling silver clip will add a feminine touch to any collectio..

$50.00USD $25.00USD

Infuse your style with a dash of bold royal blue. PANDORA’s beautiful, hand-finished sterling silver..

$45.00USD $22.50USD

Show your daughter how much she means to you and seal your precious bond with this sweet sterling si..

$50.00USD $25.00USD

Adorned with a single sparkling daisy on each side, this stylish charm clip is simple yet decorative..

$55.00USD $27.50USD

Light and delicate, this sweet sterling silver spacer captures the beauty of the innocent daisy flow..

$40.00USD $20.00USD

Adorned with a single sparkling daisy on each side, this rose-colored clip in PANDORA Rose™ balances..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

The popular Daisy series gains an innovative new addition with this exquisite sterling silver charm...

$85.00USD $42.50USD

102 brilliant-cut cubic zirconias make this dazzling daisy-inspired charm a standout piece in any co..

$80.00USD $40.00USD

This fabulous, daisy-inspired charm in the feminine color of PANDORA Rose™ will be a standout piece ..

$60.00USD $30.00USD

This chic rose-hued dangle charm in PANDORA Rose™ will add a refined expression to any bracelet and ..

$55.00USD $22.50USD

A must-have dress on a hanger just waiting to be worn. This sterling silver dangle shimmers with fem..

$50.00USD $25.00USD

A gorgeous new take on flowery styles, this elegant sterling silver charm features a floral motif em..

$90.00USD $45.00USD

The month of December is represented by this sterling silver heart design with london blue crystal. ..

$55.00USD $27.50USD

Crafted from 14K gold, this coneflower charm features an intricate floral openwork design with a stu..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

With its loyal and friendly expression, this adorable sterling silver design embodies everything tha..

$30.00USD $17.50USD
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