This chic rose-hued dangle charm in PANDORA Rose™ will add a refined expression to any bracelet and ..

$55.00USD $22.50USD

Sweet as a daisy, this rose pink floral ring in PANDORA Rose™ perfectly captures the innocent beauty..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

A must-have dress on a hanger just waiting to be worn. This sterling silver dangle shimmers with fem..

$50.00USD $25.00USD

Crafted from 14K gold, this coneflower charm features an intricate floral openwork design with a stu..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

This amazing sterling silver ring is shaped like a delicate ribbon twisting gently around your finge..

$96.00USD $48.00USD

Elegant and chic, this refined sterling silver ring features a feminine bow adorned with a luminous ..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

This pair of elegant sterling silver earrings are the perfect accessory for any festive occasion. A ..

$90.00USD $45.00USD

With its loyal and friendly expression, this adorable sterling silver design embodies everything tha..

$30.00USD $17.50USD

"You make my heart smile" sets the tone on this delicately crafted sterling silver dangle, which cel..

$60.00USD $30.00USD

The free-spirited and vivacious personality of Anna is captured in this beautiful pink charm, crafte..

$45.00USD $22.50USD

The sunny-yellow color of this authentic Italian Murano glass charm is inspired by the dress worn by..

$45.00USD $22.50USD

This vividly colored dress dangle is dedicated to Anna, the fearless heroine from Frozen. She is por..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

This vibrant green dress charm serves as an elegant representation of Princess Ariel, the lovable li..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

Seashells are part of the outfit worn by Ariel, and they also reference her underwater life. With it..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

Crafted from authentic Italian Murano glass, this delightful charm, in a soft shade of teal, is insp..

$45.00USD $22.50USD

Inspired by the captivating dress worn by Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, this elegant .925 ster..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

Metal: Sterling silverStone: Cubic ZirconiaA novel take on PANDORA's iconic sterling silver bangle, ..

$78.00USD $39.00USD

This sweet and stylish dangle charm features the golden yellow, ruffled ball gown worn by Belle in B..

$65.00USD $32.50USD
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