Add this inspirational, star-embellished heart charm to your bracelet as a reminder that dreams real..

$55.00USD $27.50USD

This delightful blue-toned dangle charm is inspired by the stunning ball gown gifted to Cinderella b..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

Created through the magic of her Fairy Godmother, the pumpkin coach plays a crucial role in carrying..

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A sophisticated interpretation of Mickey Mouse is showcased on these elegant stud earrings. They are..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

This sophisticated charm is inspired by the stunning crown worn by Queen Elsa at her coronation cere..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

This graceful dress dangle charm is a beautiful representation of the crystal-blue outfit worn by El..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

A wonderful depiction of a glittery snowflake, this arresting dangle charm will be eye-catching on b..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

Matching the iconic “Heart of Mickey” charm, this heart shaped safety chain, with a sparkly Mickey M..

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This stunning sterling silver dress dangle in shades of sea green and mint is inspired by the beauti..

$65.00USD $32.50USD

With its pointy sterling silver end and embellishment of multiple mint colored cubic zirconia stones..


This colorful black- and red-enamel Mickey charm features a repeat pattern of Mickey icons and heart..

$60.00USD $30.00USD

Celebrate the wonderful love story of Mickey and Minnie with this gorgeous sterling silver charm. Th..

$80.00USD $40.00USD

Metal: Sterling SilverStone: Cubic ZirconiaAs a tribute to the world's most famous Disney character,..

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The iconic Mickey Mouse ears headband is a must-have souvenir from Disney resorts & theme parks...

$50.00USD $25.00USD

Black ears, red pants and shiny silver buttons — the essential elements of Mickey Mouse are captured..

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The iconic Mickey shape puts a sense of fun and whimsy onto this classic clip. With its understated,..

$70.00USD $35.00USD

Mickey Mouse, the beloved cartoon character, is showcased in this detailed Mickey-shaped charm— a re..

$50.00USD $25.00USD

Versatile and delicate in design, this shimmering dangle will add sparkle to your outfit in an under..

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