Celebrate the beauty and imperfection of asymmetry with this heart necklace in sterling silver. Desi..

$75.00USD $47.50USD

It's double the love with Pandora’s unique interpretation of the infinity symbol. The iconic knot wr..

$185.00USD $90.00USD

Let your style take flight by layering this Y necklace with other necklaces you love. The sterling s..

$100.00USD $60.00USD

Wear a glamorous daisy chain with this hand-finished sterling silver necklace. Two daisies decorated..

$90.00USD $55.00USD

Celebrate the 70th anniversary of Disney’s Cinderella with the Disney Pumpkin Coach Collier Necklace..

$155.00USD $77.50USD

Make a statement with the Double Circle Pendant & Necklace. This Sterling Silver necklace featur..

$90.00USD $55.00USD

Go bold with the Double Hoop T-bar Necklace. Geometric and modern, this adjustable T-bar necklace is..

$115.00USD $62.50USD

Classic jewellery pieces with a minimalist expression never date. This sterling silver necklace is s..

$90.00USD $55.00USD

Express yourself with a hand-finished floating heart locket in sterling silver with sapphire crystal..

$125.00USD $69.00USD

This sterling silver floating locket design has been specially developed for you to celebrate your s..

$130.00USD $65.00USD

Cherish your unique memories in a vintage-style way with PANDORA's innovative floating locket. Class..

$100.00USD $60.00USD

Let nature inspire your look with this sterling silver flower necklace trimmed with sparkling clear ..

$100.00USD $59.00USD

Keep your loved ones close with the Heart Family Tree Collier Necklace. Hand-finished in sterling si..

$75.00USD $47.50USD

Wear the padlock symbol as an emblem of everlasting love with this heart pendant necklace. This piec..

$125.00USD $65.00USD

Add personal meaning to your look with this sterling silver necklace. The timeless, hand-finished de..

$95.00USD $57.50USD

Get playful with our reversible sterling silver pendant necklace. Detailed with our logo on one side..

$125.00USD $62.50USD

Circles are a symbol of infinity, with no beginning or end. The smooth, stone-studded circle of our ..

$75.00USD $47.50USD

Take your style to new heights with this Y-shaped sterling silver necklace. The intriguing Y-shape h..

$125.00USD $62.50USD
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